Two Strategies McNamee

A claim discussed in McNamee’s “I invested early in Google and Facebook. Now they terrify me” was that Google and Facebook uses techniques to maintain attention to they websites that creates addictive behavior. McNamee uses pathos within this argument to persuade the audience that Google and Facebook is addictive. He compares Google and Facebook, “Like gambling, nicotine, alcohol or heroin,” and even goes on to state that Google and Facebook, “produce short-term happiness with serious negative consequences in the long term.” This is perceived as pathos because he uses highly addictive substances and compares it to the internet which we don’t consider in the same category. He uses these substances with negative connotation to shock the audience in having an emotional response when comparing them to the internet. Another way McNamee used pathos in his word choice of his title. The author uses “Now they terrify me” in his title to draw people in because it is a strong word and it intrigues the audiences. The word “terrify” in the title sets the tone for the article being completely against the internet and social media. The audience also wants to know why Google and Facebook terrify McNamee which makes them read more. McNamee uses word choice to persuade readers emotions to convince them that social media is bad.


Roger McNamee uses ethos to develop his argument. McNamee  about how he is an investor in Facebook and “was an early adviser ro Facebook’s team.”  This strategy works by getting the audience to put trust in the author and it is effective because it not benefit him by saying his views and it shows he understands what he is talking about when it come to the internet. It is effective because the audience knows he shouldn’t be stating harmful details about the companies he has investments in. McNamee uses ethos to allow the audience to trust him on what he is saying by being a unbiased, reputable source.

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