11/1 Boyd: Digital Literacy

Some Claims:

  • People aren’t born with the knowledge of understanding how to use the internet because of when they were born.
  • Teens may not know how to examine what they are consuming
  • People should learn what are appropriate sources which leads to a higher digital literacy understanding
  • Describing teens as natives has political and problematic repercussions

Interesting:  I thought it was interesting that people named Google as a good source. Google is a for-profit company who have biases because they want ad revenue. It’s just so strange that people put their faith in a company that makes money off of them, instead of a website like Wikipedia that is made for people who want to learn.

My own experience: I think that people don’t double check if the information they find on the internet is true and then they spread it the possibly untrue facts. My family comes to me when they changed their settings on their phone and messed it up and I have to show them how to fix it, but there are also time when I have no idea and just mess with it until I can figure it out.

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