Digital Natives 11/5

In Danah Boyd’s chapter called “Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives”, in her book It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, Boyd’s main argument is that people aren’t born with the knowledge of understanding how to use the internet because of when they were born. Boyd explains how the term “digital natives” got introduced to the pubic and explains what it has now become with the possible consequences. These are her claims of the consequences: political repercussions, no knowledge on fact checking in an article, no knowledge in source checking, and a general lack of digital literacy equality.

Another claim Boyd mentions is that teens may not know how to examine what they are consuming and it is educators jobs to teach them how to become digitally literate. When Boyd begins to discuss this topic she uses a child as an example of the failed teaching of many teachers and adults.  Boyd writes, “ She trusted the content on Google because the adults had told her it was a trustworthy site.” Children are not learning what is a proper source to use for research and even adults have learned wrong. Boyd also wants students to learn technological skills and media literacy to have a complete well-rounded knowledge of how the internet works to become digital citizens.

I would be interested in learning more about algorithms and how they are used to influence what choices you see on Google and Netflix. It’s interesting how the filter bubble works and I wonder how you can avoid it. I don’t really know how it works and since it’s so influential in how I see my choices on Google, I think it’s important to know about and understand fully. I am also interested in seeing if people know that Google is doing this and if they didn’t what their reaction is now knowing.

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