Rose Stockwell 11/8

Tobias Rose Stockwell starts his article with a story about the Ebola outbreak in New York with the purpose of showing how misinformation can spread, people only read the click bait titles, and how terror is a highly effective tool to get more views. This was an effective way to introduce the main topics of his article. Rose Stockwell writes about how modern technology has changed how news is being written, and how algorithms don’t know if what they are recommending you is fake or true. Rose Stockwell goes on to tell his audience ‘tricks of the trade’ to make the audience more informed individuals. He talks about how news is changing our perspective of the world for the worst. Rose Stockwell also uses a comparison to today’s news on Facebook and propaganda because all the inquiries and click bait titles, which causes more tension than needed on already controversial topics. Rose Stockwell’s solution to is to understand what the media uses to get engagement and what the media wants from you.

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