Plan for Unit 3 paper 11/13

I want to extend Boyd’s argument that young people are not being equipped with “critical digital literacy,” by focusing on the skills that are important that the youth need to know and why.  Claims that I will be focusing on are: youth becoming media literate, becoming technically literate, becoming aware of websites that uses algorithms, and what algorithms do. The outside sources that I will use are: “Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checker”(for specific techniques students/people should learn), “Why Students Can’t Google Their Way to Truth” (for more information lack of students knowledge about reliable websites), and “When Students Can’t Compute.” (for evidence that technical literacy is need).


In Mike Caulfield’s “Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers”, Caulfield agrees with Boyd saying that, “the web gives us many such strategies, tactics, and tools, which, properly used, can get students closer to the truth of a statement or image within seconds. Unfortunately, we do not teach students these specific techniques.” Then gives specific tips that teaches people how to fact check websites.

In “Why Students Can’t Google Their Way to the Truth Fact-checkers”, by Sam Wineburg and Sarah McGrew, they give an explanation of what teachers should be teaching students, “Instead of trusting Google to sort pages by reliability (which reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of how Google works), the checkers mined URLs and abstracts for clues.”

In  “When Students Can’t Compute.”, Dian Schaffhauser shows the dangers of the lack of technical skill by writing, “Online education promises learning opportunities for all, but too many community college students lack the tech skills–and the access–to take advantage of these resources.

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