Kristof’s “Do We Have the Courage?” Rebuttals

Nicholas Kristof in “Do We Have The Courage” uses rebuttals to strengthen his argument. Kristof directly addresses two different arguments. One stating, no matter how much gun reform there is, the wrong people will always get guns and the other being that more people should carry guns to stop the shooters. Kristof uses these topics to persuade his audience even further by refuting and reframing the counter arguments. The author reframes the perspective of stopping all crazy people from getting guns to reducing the amount of people dead by implementing more reforms. He purposes that we shouldn’t accept how things are, but there won’t be a solution that will eliminate all gun deaths. Kristof refuted that caring guns would change any outcome of a mass shooting by stating most shooters either kill themselves or are captured after so there would be no point. By using refutation rebuttals, it shows that there are flaws in the opposing sides argument and that can help persuade people to believe in Kristof’s argument.

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